Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Not in abeyance

I know this blog looks like it is in abeyance, but it is not.

Am pretty busy these days attending to worship and preaching Sunday by Sunday in one location (St Aidan's, Bryndwr, Christchurch, as interim Priest in Charge).

Soon I hope to post some links to material I developed for Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter Day services.


liturgy said...

I look forward, Peter, to your material. The Christchurch diocesan synod unanimously sought a halt to the authorising of official province-wide rites for these days (a halting initiated by me) because of the uncertainty whether we will all then be required to use those and no others. It appears that this authorisation will still, however, be pressed for at GS/THW in July. How do you understand that your approach will be next year, should that authorisation be completed?



Peter Carrell said...

Hi Bosco,
I will cheerfully disregard the law of the church at that point and if necessary have my day in court. It is one thing to insist on what we will use Sunday by Sunday in common worship, another thing on special days (for which the church has a long tradition of using many and varied rites).

My main defence, of course, will be the inherent flexibility in NZPB.

I would go so far as to say that I would relish my day in court. I will appear without a lawyer, but if any handy liturgical experts among my friends wished to be (I think the term is) 'friends of the court', they will be most welcome to stand at my side.

liturgy said...

I will cheerfully stand firm with you in court ;-)

You may be interested, in my meeting about this and other things with CLLC, Bishop George Connor contended that "NZPB" refers not, as I understood/understand it, to the printed book, but rather to everything authorised by our church - the printed book is merely a particular selection from what is authorised by the Provincial Secretary.

Just when I thought our church couldn't get any less clear...