Monday, September 28, 2009

The basics matter

I guess I am like an annoying cracked record on this one ... but it needs stating (it seems to me): Pay attention to the basics in order to get worship services working well:

- sound: people like to hear - what does it take to enable people to hear each and every participant?

- song choices: some work better than others, some suit this occasion but not that occasion ... it takes time, prayer and reflection!

- position: it matters where things are delivered from - be as close to the centre as possible.

- flow: want your service to be a 'great' service? then attend to the flow from one part to another, from one participant to the next.

There are other basics - 'cause they are basics, they all need attending to. But, in my view, the effort is always worth it.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

What is the most satisfactory pew Bible?

This question is a little different to the question 'what is the best Bible translation?' or 'what is the least partisan Bible translation in publication today?' (see here and the comments on it on Anglican Down Under).

Some Bibles are better for reading aloud than others - even proponents of the English Standard Version, for example, have recognised (in my hearing) that it is not a great Bible for reading in church. Nevertheless, for some vicars and vestries, a determining factor will be the answer to the first two questions above: if people are going to follow the preacher, and preacher and people together are going to study the Bible, then the best ever or least partisan Bible is the way to go.

But the reality is that as one travels from church to church, and for whatever reasons it has happened, a variety of Bible translations sit in our pews. In my own circuits I have seen New Living Translation, Good News Bible, Contemporary English Version. I think Today's New International Version is in one church nearby.

So, I am open to comments on the specific matter of 'the most satisfactory pew Bible' in your estimation! (I would prefer not to host a discussion about the best Bible translation ever).

Saturday, September 12, 2009

What kind of bishop do you have in your diocese? Rogue or prefect!

Mostly this blog concerns lay worship leaders, lay preachers, deacons and priests. But we might permit ourselves from time to time to reflect on the episcopacy!

At least by pointing to an interesting reflection by another person, in this case the retiring Bishop of Portsmouth - Kenneth Stevenson's final presidential address!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Clips on preaching

Recently in the Diocese of Nelson we have been running some training sessions on preaching. Included in the sessions have been some clips from YouTube, or as we call it, The Lord's Own Worldwide Preaching School :).

Below are a few of those links:





Sunday, September 6, 2009

Creating great collects rather than cringing parodies

What is a collect? How do we tell a good collect from a bad collect? What framework can we follow to write a great collect rather than something which is a cringing parody of the real thing?

I have no wisdom to offer other than this link to the master of collects @ Liturgy!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

A new wave in Anglican worship?

Todd Hunter is hitting the Anglican media waves a bit because, well, what if you find out ... try "Todd Hunter ACNA" on Google!

But here he is, in a Christianity Today interview, just before ordination as an Anglican bishop making some intriguing claims about the future of religion in the West, and the role of Anglican liturgy in that future.

Three page version here.

One page version here.