Sunday, October 30, 2011

Never comment, never draw attention to yourself

If I could control the world of worship leading, here are two things I would control (after inventing a means of making worship leaders do what I programmed them to do):

(1) Never comment on stuff happening before or during leading (like, "I have lost my notes so I do not know where I am" or "It hasn't been a very good week, the choir had a bad practice on Thursday night so tonight will be a bit problematic.")

(2) Apart from introducing oneself by name, never draw attention to oneself while being the leader (like, "It's my first time leading tonight" or "I am feeling a bit nervous.")

Of course another way forward here is for me not to be in control and not to invent the means to programme leaders to do what I want them to do, rather, worship leaders take responsibility for not doing these two things!

Positively: "Just lead, and lead people to God."

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good point