Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Introduction to Preaching

On Wednesday night I am offering an Introduction to Preaching night at Theology House. I am realising that on the one hand I want to simplify preaching as much as possible so that the training is not confusing and on the other hand as I think about what the key ingredients are in the preparation and performance of a sermon I find there are many aspects to be considered!

Here are two quick ideas:

(1) There are three stages to a good sermon: first Preparation and last Performance with the second stage being the Transition between Preparation and Performance. The trap we often fall into is failing to get the second stage right.

(2) A good sermon delivers a message thus the key question in preparing a sermon is, What is my message?


Hoggster said...

Hi Peter hope you get a great response from your course.

Whenever I attend any teaching opportunity that you offer in dealing with a passage or book of scripture I am always impressed, encouraged, and challenged with the way you grapple with the text within the whole context of the big story.

So while your ending question is a great one and one any preacher needs to ask, and answer, if they are going to dish up anything of value, maybe a prior and more important question is "what is the message of the passage"?

Peter Carrell said...

I agree!