Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The "E"s of Preaching

Some e-words to think about when considering how to preach well.

Exegesis: drawing out from the text what it is saying.

Exposition: saying what the text means for us today.

Evangelism: ensuring the good news of Jesus Christ is part of (even the whole of) our sermon.

Essay: the kind of sermon to avoid. Some longer sermons have the feel of an essay and suffer accordingly. A sermon should be more like a blog post, letter to the editor, or message on a postcard than like an essay.

Enthusiasm: sermons are not just words, they are convictions communicated through words; let our enthusiasm for what we believe be expressed.


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liturgy said...

Part of my formation was belonging to a group that critiqued recorded sermons of all in the group. Part of that was - the preacher wrote what they were seeking to say - in one sentence. All the others in the group wrote what they heard - in one sentence. Comparing these was part of the discussion.


Peter Carrell said...

That is an excellent method, Bosco!