Monday, May 10, 2010

Half a lectionary loaf?

Over at Hermeneutics and Human Dignity I recently raised a question or two about the lectionary. Among responses in ensuing discussion was this question:

"is it consistent to criticise the omission of some verses within a Biblical text in the lectionary, whilst appearing perfectly comfortable to omit half of the material that the lectionary actually does provide [e.g. by having two readings instead of four=psalm, OT, Ep, G]?"

I have said I will respond to that question here.

I want to think about it for a bit.

Any thoughts from you, in the meantime?


Anonymous said...

constPrivate - Peter I don't know how to contact you. Can you send me your e-mail address please. Thought I may have seen you at the Requiem Mass on Friday. Bp Victoria preached well.

Peter Carrell said...

I do not think it advisable to give my email in a comment!

If you look up the Theology House website you will find an email contact there, if it is not mine, it is my administrator's who will fwd an email to me.