Monday, November 2, 2009

Liturgical flow

When we have not played golf or tennis for a while then our strokes may be a bit awkward at first, our rhythm unsettled, and the splayed shots will tell us and our playing companions that we have no 'flow' to our game. But flow in these sports can be achieved - through practice, working on technique and the like.

When leading services, 'flow' makes all the difference between the congregation leaving the church building feeling they have been at a 'something' or at a 'service of worship'.

One tip is to refer to God as we introduce each component part of the whole service.

Consider the difference between:

"Let's pray now. Judy is our intercessor this week. That's it Judy, come on up to the microphone."


"Let's continue in God's presence as we bring our intercessions and thanksgivings to God. As Judy comes forward let's sit or kneel to pray.'


'We have a worship bracket now. Come on everyone. Let's stand as the music group leads us in the first song. Is that song up on the screen? What? Yes? Oh, good.'


'What a wonderful God we serve. Let's worship God in song now by standing and singing, "Oh, for a thousand tongues to sing".'

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