Monday, August 11, 2008

What should we preach on?

It may be useful if our vicar is suggesting we preach on this rather than that to recall an ever so slightly more regimented day. For example, in the late 16th century, in England, preachers were expected to conform in these ways, according to Archbishop Parker's 'Advertisements', 1566:

"First, that all they, which shall be admitted to preach, shall be diligently examined for their conformity in unity of doctrine, established by public authority; and admonished to use sobriety and discretion in teaching the people, namely, in matters of controversy; and to consider the gravity of their office, and to foresee with diligence the matters which they will speak, to utter them to the edification of the audience."

Of course, one wonders where the Anglican Communion might be today if this advice had been followed 'with diligence'!

Hat-tip to Zane Elliott

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