Monday, May 5, 2008

Great construction

Yesterday I participated in a family service in an Anglican church ... do not try to guess where (unless you were actually at the service)!

Participated is a good word as the congregation not only sang songs and shared in communion but also enacted certain parts of a dramatic reading of the stilling of the storm, offered contributions to the intercessions, and exchanged the peace together.

All in all it was one of the loveliest and best constructed services I have been to for a long time. It had a theme and that theme informed each part of the service (with links being made, e.g. to a particular choice of song, being well explained).

It was a family service and I expect such services to (a) be concise to the hour (it was), and (b) be crisp in communication of message(s) (it was, with the sermon being particularly crisp and to the point).

And there was an excellent morning tea to follow - proper cakes and thick sandwiches!

Oh, and another point: the sound system worked well. How many services suffer from poor sound?! (Incidentally, its nearly always to do with the person responsible for the sound and not with the equipment).

The church was warm too.


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